Ocsigen Start demo app

General principles

Ocsigen provides a set of largely independent tools for implementing Web and mobile applications (OCaml to JS compiler, Web server, typed HTML, etc.). Ocsigen can be used to implement, depending on your needs, either traditional Web sites (server-side), or client-side apps running in a browser, or full client-server apps, running both in a browser and as mobile apps. Ocsigen Start is a template for quickly writing such a client-server app.

Ocsigen Eliom is a set of libraries for Web programming in OCaml: sessions, services, client-server communication, etc. It also contains an extension of the OCaml language to write a client-server program as a single app. Code annotations permit distinguishing between the code to be included in the server app, the code for the client app, and the code to be included in both of them. Have a look at the code of this app to learn how to generate typed HTML pages, how to call server function from client side, or how to send information to client applications (notifications).

This app also contains demos for some widgets from Ocsigen Toolkit.

The different demos are accessible through the drawer menu. To open it click the top left button on the screen.

Feel free to modify the generated code and use it or redistribute it as you want.

Read tutorials on Ocsigen's Web site for a more detailed introduction.