Old announcements

Js_of_ocaml 1.3 released



Ocsigen day in Paris : december 14th

French speaking Ocsigen day at Inria Paris for OCaml programers. Learn Eliom, Js_of_ocaml, Lwt More information Register here.


HOWTO: call JS functions from OCaml

A short HOWTO on binding JS libraries for Js_of_ocaml is available here.


Follow Ocsigen on social networks

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OCaml Users and Developers Workshop

Two Ocsigen talks and many others by users of Ocsigen software this week in Copenhagen. Oud, CUFP.


Lwt 2.4.2 released

Fix a bug in Lwt_unix.readdir. changelog.


Eliom 2.2, js_of_ocaml 1.2, TyXML 2.1, Server 2.1

More coherent module naming. See changelog and migration.


Ocsigen Js_of_ocaml 1.1 released

Bug fixes, WebGL support ...


Ocsigen Server 2.0.4 released


TyXML 2.0.2 released


Ocsigenserver 2.0.3 now in Debian


New js_of_ocaml example: Hyperbolic tree viewer

Game: find human beings! This program has been fully written in OCaml and compiled to JS using the js_of_ocaml compiler. You can find the source code in js_of_ocaml 's repository.


Happy new year

The Ocsigen team wishes you a happy new year, full of new Ocsigen projects!


Benjamin Canou 's PhD defense

Benjamin Canou defended his Ph.D on ocstober 4th 2011, in Paris (Université Pierre et marie Curie). The title of the thesis is "Programmation Web Typée". It discusses the OBrowser experiment and typed manipulation of the page on client side, without breaking HTML validity.


Release of Ocsigen 2.0

The final version of the Ocsigen framework 2.0 is now ready!


New logo, new Web site!

The design of the Web site has completely changed but the content is mostly the same. The new Web site is using Ocsigen 2.0 and a pre version of Ocsimore. You can still access the old Web site.


Release candidate of Ocsigen 2.0

Test it and send us your feedback! Final 2.0 version will be released in september.


Release of Ocsigen server and Eliom 1.91

New pre-version of 2.0. Many improvement in Eliom client and ocsigen.dev repository splitted into: tyxml, ocsigenserver.dev, eliom.dev.


Release of Lwt 2.3.0

This release add a new "engine" system to allow integration with other event loops ( like ocamlnet ) and fixes compatibility problems with Windows. See full changelog and download here.


Logo contest

The logo contest is now over. Thanks for all that participated and voted for their favourite logo! The winner will be declared next friday during the OCaml Meeting, and you will see the new Web site in a few weeks.


OCaml hacker's day at IRILL

The Ocsigen team is organizing an OCaml hacker's meeting the day after the OCaml Meeting, at IRILL in Paris. More information during the OCaml meeting (or ask us).


Logo contest for Ocsigen!

The Ocsigen project is launching a logo contest! You can try to win 500€ by uploading your pictures.

The brief is in french but it just explains what is Ocsigen, and that we want the logo to be customizable for all projects (Eliom, Lwt, etc).

You have 7 days to propose your ideas, then it will be possible to vote for your favourites logos. Once we have the logo, we will launch another contest for redesigning the Web site.

Share with all the graphic designers you know!


Pre-version of Ocsigen server and Eliom 2.0

Tagged 1.90, it is available for testing purpose only.

See the full changelog and download the sources here.

A preliminary version of the new tutorial for the whole Ocsigen project is available here.

See also the example application of the first chapter of the tutorial.

Current version of the preliminary Eliom documentation can be found here.

Migration instructions for Eliom 1.3 Web sites can be found here.


More announcements

2010-12-13 | Release of Lwt 2.2.0

See full changelog and download here.

2010-06-13 | Release of Lwt 2.1.1 and Ocsigen server / Eliom 1.3.3

These minor releases fix some stability issues. See full changelog and download here and here.

2010-04-30 | Release of Ocsigen server and Eliom 1.3.2

This minor release fixes some compatibility issues. See full changelog and download here.

2010-04-23 | Release of Ocsigen server and Eliom 1.3.1

This is a minor release. See full changelog and download here.

2010-04-19 | Release of Lwt 2.1.0

See full changelog and download here.

2010-01-25 | Ocsigen server and Eliom 1.3.0 – O'Browser 1.1

See full changelog and download here.

2009-12-19 | First release candidate of Ocsigen 1.3.0

See full changelog and download here. Please test it and help us writing migration instructions.

2009-10-17 | Release of Ocsigen 1.2.2

This is a bugfix release. Download here.

2009-10-15 | Release of Lwt 2.0.0

See full changelog and download here.

2009-09-26 | Release candidate of Lwt 2.0.0

See full changelog and download here.

2009-09-26 | Release of Ocsigen 1.2.1

This is merely a bugfix / upgrade to Lwt 2.0 release which should be otherwise fully compatible with the 1.2.0 version. Download here.

2009-03-09 | Release of Ocsigen 1.2.0

See full changelog and download here. See migration instructions here.

2009-03-15 | Ocsigen.org uses Ocsimore

Ocsigen.org is now using Ocsimore. All pages will migrate progressively to Ocsimore's wiki, making them easier to maintain. More collaborative sections will appear soon.

2008-12-10 | Ocsimore preview

PPS laboratory's Web site is now using Ocsimore. It is a private wiki (for connected users). Each member of the laboratory now has his own wiki for his personal page. Ocsimore is still alpha software, as all administration pages are still missing, but if you know SQL, you may want to give it a try!

2008-11-17 | O'Browser

An implementation of the OCaml virtual machine in JavaScript, designed to run in Web browsers. You can now write your client side code in OCaml! More information here.

2008-10-11 | Ocsigen and Lwt in ALTLinux

RPM packages now available in the unstable repository.

2008-09-02 | Ocsigen and Lwt in Fedora

RPM packages now available for Fedora. Ocsigen is now included in many distributions (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Godi, ...). Use the tools from your distribution to install the packages.

2008-07-12 | Ocsigen 1.1.0 released

See full changelog and download here.

2008-04-01 | Ocsigen 1.0.0 released!

All the features we wanted for the first version are now implemented. Try it! Download from here, and have a look at the Quickstart instructions.

14/03/08 First release candidate of Ocsigen 1.0.0

Please test it as much as possible! The finale release is scheduled in a few weeks. See the changelog and download here.

11/01/08 Ocsigen 0.99.5 released

All main features now implemented for version 1. See the changelog and download here.

21/11/07 Ocsigen 0.99.4 released

New module accesscontrol and changing the order in which extensions are loaded (Warning: now the order of configuration options inside <site> is significant).

07/11/07 Ocsigen 0.99.3 released

New session mechanism in Eliom, new extension to compress data (beta version), experimental reverse proxy, significant changes in <code>Lwt</code> and Web server internals ... See the changelog and download here.

21/08/07 Ocsigen 0.99.2 released

New implementation of forms in Eliom, new module to run CGI scripts ...

15/05/07 Ocsigen 0.99.1 released

No major change

05/05/07 Ocsigen 0.99.0 released

New module for dynamic page generation, called Eliom, much more powerful, and many many new things! Use it and report all your comments to help us make version 1 as strong as possible! See the changelog and download.

14/03/07 Ocsigen 0.6.0 available

The Web server is now extensible. It means that you can write your own modules (like Apache's modules).

14/12/06 Ocsigen 0.5.1 available

Mainly bugfixes for various browsers and systems.

23/11/06 Ocsigen 0.5.0 available

New major version. We worked very hard to make a Web server as strong and powerfull as possible, with all features like HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 support, HTTPS, pipelining of requests, virtual servers, multipart uploading, etc. Please report any problem.

10/11/06 New server, new Web site


02/10/06 Ocsigen in Debian

Ocsigen is now included in Debian unstable, as an experimental package.

16/09/06 Ocsigen in Portland, Oregon

Ocsigen has been presented at the ACM Sigplan Workshop on ML. Have a look at the paper.

06/06/06 Ocsigen 0.4.0 is out

New major version. Reimplementation with Generalized Algebraic Data Types.