Ocsigen Start's Homepage

Ocsigen Start is an application template written with Eliom, Js_of_ocaml, Ocsigen Toolkit, etc. It contains many standard features like user management, notifications, and many code examples.

Use it to learn Ocsigen or to quickly create your own Minimum Viable Product.

The application is cross-platform: it works as a Web app or as a mobile app for iOS or Android.

If you want to test the demo application before installing Ocsigen Start, a working version is running here. You can also download the mobile app on Google Play store (for Android) or download the APK for Android or the iOS version (to be installed using XCode).

Ocsigen Start is composed by two main parts:

  • The generated code which gives a default behaviour to your application. Adapt it to your needs and remove the parts you don't need. Feel free to redistribute it as you wish.
    It includes a demo of many features from Eliom, Js_of_ocaml, Tyxml, Ocsigen Toolkit. Use it to learn quickly the main principles of multi-tier programming.
  • A library with:
    • User management: authentication, registration of new users with activation links sent by email, recover lost password, page to update settings, etc.
    • Tips for new users
    • Push notifications to send information to other users
    • ...