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Eliom is a multi-tier framework for developing multi-platform Web and mobile apps. It transforms OCaml into a multi-tier language: It makes it possible to write modern distributed applications fully in OCaml, for both the server and client parts, which simplifies a lot the communication between server and client. Applications are written as single programs that can run on any Web browser or mobile device (iOS, Android), saving from the need to develop one version for each platform.

Eliom has support for reactive pages (generated on server or client), advanced session mechanism, server to client communication, continuation based Web programming, etc.

It can also be used for more traditional Web or mobile apps: server only, single page applications, REST API, etc.

Eliom 6.0


We are very happy to announce the release 6.0 of Eliom.

The release introduces the following major features:



  • Integrated client and server side programming with automatic bidirectional communication
  • Mixes traditional Web interaction with very dynamic client side features
  • Dynamic creation of services
  • Static checking of HTML
  • Automatic management of sessions
  • Concise and modular programming

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